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What’s Your Enough?


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One thought on “What’s Your Enough?

  1. The Department of Health and Human Services suggests that we get at least 150 minutes a week of vigorous exercise. It is my belief that we should exercise depending on how much and what we eat. As modern Americans we have food ready and easily accessible at every corner meaning we eat simply because we are gluttonous and we can. We no longer eat just enough to meet out caloric needs like when we were hunter-gatherers. Many years ago early humans burned hundreds of calories just looking for a meal, we on the other hand can sit in our cars and drive to any fast food establishment and that food gets handed to us directly, the only calories we burn are from moving our arm out of the window and grabbing our greasy processed foods from the cashier.
    Maybe back in the day we didn’t need to be conscious of exercise because we were always doing it, but today things are different. I think with the average American diet, 150 minutes per week is measly. We should exercise at least 60 minutes per day everyday even if it is at a brisk pace. The guidelines for “healthy” eating and exercising change all the time and maybe we can’t rely on that information alone. I believe “enough” exercise can be achieved by experimenting with ourselves and seeing what amount is the perfect amount. Did you feel an improvement physically and mentally this week that you exercised 45 minutes or did you feel better the week you exercised 180 minutes? Too much exercise can lead to injuries, exhaustion, depression, and suicide. But too little can lead to a sluggish lifestyle right the grave. There is no exact number to say what is too much or too little but what brings a change in our physical and mental well-being. What might be too much exercise for one person is perhaps the right amount for another.

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